Turtle Plastics becomes Women Owned Small Business

Turtle Plastics becomes Women Owned Small Business

From left to right: Liz Demetriou (President), Karen A. Bradley, M.D. (Clinical EHS Advisor), Tom Norton (Founder), Dennis Hildebrandt (Vice President)


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Turtle Plastics becomes Women Owned Small Business

July 15, 2020

Lorain, Ohio – Turtle Plastics is pleased to announce a strategic organizational change for its second generation phase by converting to a Women Owned Small Business.  With over 40 years of entrepreneurship and multitudes of successes, Tom Norton, Founder of Cleveland Reclaim Industries dba Turtle Plastics has shifted the majority of his shares in the organization to existing female leadership within the company.  Clinical EHS Advisor, Karen Bradley, MD and President Liz Demetriou will now comprise as the majority shareholders.

“The mission is clear and we are 100% committed to continually seeking ways to innovate products and also to improve access to customers and we believe this organizational change will lead the way for future generations,” states Ms. Demetriou.

Dr. Bradley states, “For years I happily supported my husband, Tom as the Founder of Turtle Plastics. Recently, I began to take a more active role as a Clinical Advisor for the company’s EHS initiatives and have had the pleasure of working with Tom and our management shareholders of Liz Demetriou and Dennis Hildebrandt.  Tom, and I were delighted when Liz agreed to become the President of Turtle Plastics and Dennis became Vice President. “

Mr. Norton states “We feel that these new steps will not only propel Turtle Plastics dynamically but will ensure its existence indefinitely in carrying out lifesaving products but also fulfilling our missions through the Turtle Plastics Foundation in regard to social justice and environmental issues for the future.”


Turtle Plastics is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative safety stabilization products and interlocking tiles made in the USA from recycled plastic.  Trusted by rescue professionals and industrial experts to keep their workforce safe during rescue maneuvers or during maintenance and repair of equipment.  Tom Norton founded the company in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio as a plastic recycling company. It soon became the model of an environmental corporate champion, saving thousands and now millions of pounds of plastic from going into the landfill; especially since the company takes its products back at the end of life to close the recycling loop.


The Turtle Plastics Foundation, which was formed on June 22, 2017 in order to establish a broad-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate, create, support and promote educational, environmental, health and safety initiatives worldwide. It will accomplish this mission through grants, donations, public awareness events and other marketing efforts. The Foundation plans to make distributions to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) organizations. The focus of the Foundation will be the support of worthy non-profit causes related to the improvement of public health, education, safety and the global environment.” Most recently, the Foundation has provided funding to the National Clean Water Collective to supply Flint Michigan residents with a source of clean water, provided training grants to the Illinois Fire Institute, made donations to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and to the Renee Jones Center in Cleveland Ohio.






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