Cribbing and Plastic Blocking – Technical Information

How to Request Plastic Blocking, Cribbing Technical Information

Turtle Plastics is pleased to provide technical information on our products. To request technical information, please complete and submit this form. Also, please check the resources page of this website as we have a library of useful documents and videos.

Working with Engineered Plastic

Turtle Plastics continues to strive to create healthier and safer workforce environments. We believe our Dura Crib and Dura Stat cribbing and blocking products are the better alternative to the dangerous use of wood stabilization of equipment, material storage or during rescue operations. We recommend appropriate training on our products and reading your equipment manuals to determine the correct Turtle Plastics’ products for your application.

Working with engineered plastic blocking or cribbing is different than working with other materials for blocking. For your own safety, avoid overloading blocking, understand how temperature can affect working load of engineered plastic (i.e. the higher or lower than the 25C or 77F temperature exposure, the lower the working load and psi on the block) and avoid point source loading our products (i.e., the impact of bolts, sharp objects, or uneven, off center loading); we offer protection pads in both HDPE and UHMW material to assist with some point load dissipation. Please note the working load label on each Dura Crib product for optimal load rating.  If you lose a working load label from one of our products or require a Working Load Guide, please call us at 1-800-756-6635.

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