Saving Lives with Recycled Plastic EHS Solutions

Turtle Plastics is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative EHS safety stabilization products and interlocking tiles made in the USA from recycled plastic.  For over 40 years, our products have been trusted by rescue professionals and industrial experts to keep their workforce safe. Ask for genuine Turtle Plastics products to ensure you are receiving quality, tested and reliable safety products.

Safer Stabilization of Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

Dura Crib brand of interlocking plastic cribbing blocks, chocks and pads are lab tested and labeled for working load when stabilizing during auto extrication, heavy equipment or machinery maintenance and repair.

Products for a Cleaner, Healthier, Safer Workplace

All our products are ergonomically designed for workforce comfort. Products are impervious to most industrial chemicals, easily washable, can be decontaminated and are odor-free. Trusted by health and safety professionals, our products are made in the USA and have superior performance year over year.

Tough, Tested & Reliable: The Safer Alternative to Wood

Load rated, washable, can be decontaminated, splinter-free, noncorrosive, creosote-free, and odor-free, Turtle Plastics products are the superior alternative to wood in fire/rescue operations and industrial maintenance and repair settings.

Dura Crib™ - Interlocking Blocks. Chocks and Pads
Interlocking plastic cribbing blocks, pads, and stabilizing tools for safely working around and under all types of equipment. When active load bearing applications are needed, these products offer proper lock out tag out – the safer alternative to wood.
Dura Stat™ and Dura Blend Lumber™ - Smooth Profile Products
Engineered and versatile, smooth surface composite products for static loads, single-layer stabilization applications or for indoor/outdoor material storage.
Fire & Rescue Industry Kits

Fire & Rescue Industry Kits

Dura Crib® and Dura Stat® stabilization kits designed for task and space efficiency while promoting quicker, safer vehicle extrication.
Industrial Blocking Kits
Dura Crib® and Dura Stat® brand of product kits have been assembled for maximum task requirements during repair and maintenance of industrial equipment, vehicles, material handling equipment and shop equipment. We can help you create customized kit solutions for your lifting applications.
Turtle Tile™ Flooring & Matting
Don’t be fooled by knock off tiles: this is the original cushion tile, made in the USA from 100% odor-free recycled plastic. Ergonomic, anti-fatigue, washable, interlocking safety tile and ramps for entranceways, commercial and industrial flooring, or compartment matting.
Turtle Tube® - Gen 2 Grain Bin Rescue Sleeve
Newly redesigned, patented grain rescue tube designed for quick deployment during horizontal entrapment situations at food processing plants, breweries, farms, elevators, and grain transport vehicles.

Committed to Sustainability

Our company was founded in 1980 by Tom Norton on the principals of environmental sustainability and safety. Our corporate environmental philosophy drives all business practices and product development, including guaranteed performance and product buy-back at end of life.

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Floor Safety Mats

Floor safety is an ongoing challenge for many industrial buildings and facilities with assembly lines or high-traffic pedestrian areas. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that slips and falls are
Safety industrial blocking kits take the guess work out of cribbing blocks.

Why Choose Turtle Plastics’ Cribbing Blocks for Material Handling Equipment Maintenance

 As maintenance managers in the material handling industry, your priority is not just keeping operations running smoothly but ensuring the safety of your workers and the durability of your equipment.

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