Committed to Sustainable Products & Operations

Since its founding, Turtle Plastics has been driven by an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. This commitment is reflected in all aspects of our product development and business operations. Our company’s practices and products support many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that are important to our customers and their organizations.

Quality Safety Products from Recycled Plastic

Our products are made from recycled, quality-grade industrial and post-consumer plastics. We use HDPE, LDPE, PVC and UHMW plastics.

Each year we save hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastic from going into the landfill or worse, being burned. Our products provide a significant return on investment when compared to other materials such as wood, steel, or virgin plastic.

Our products also are backed with warranties of up to fifty years, offering our customers meaningful savings on replacement costs.

Green Supply Chain Management & Zero Waste Policies

Turtle Plastics can support your company’s Green Supply Chain Management by providing safety products made from recycled plastic and offering an end-of-product-life takeback program. This reduces landfill waste and costs while providing an economic benefit to your company or customers.

Our goal is to never have our products end up in a landfill. By closing the loop through a takeback program, we partner with you to achieve zero waste and zero landfill costs.

To further reduce waste and encourage recycling, we provide many incentive programs to OEMs, dealers, and distributors who install our Turtle Tile at their facilities, whether as flooring or compartment matting. We offer job saws to create efficiency during cutting and installation of the tiles. We provide Gaylord scrap containers for scrap management and help in finding shipping solutions to return that scrap back to Turtle Plastics. Not only does this reduce our customers’ landfill and disposal costs, but it provides valuable material resources to recreate products from that scrap.

Saving Energy, Increasing Workplace Health & Reducing Waste

Our corporate environmental philosophy also extends to our daily operations, such as:

  • Using solar panels to produce energy to run our headquarters building;
  • Using skylights for natural lighting of our headquarters building and warehouse;
  • Recycling all paper in daily operations;
  • Reusing plastic from our buyback program to make new products;
  • Using ergonomically designed desks and chairs;
  • Providing no-cost employee health insurance and health management programs;
  • Furnishing our corporate office with green living plants to improve our indoor quality;
  • Providing sanctuary for aquariums of fish and turtles;
  • Ensuring a zero-wood and zero-accident workplace.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

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