Ergonomic EHS Solutions: Cleaner, Healthier & Safer

Turtle Plastics designs and manufactures versatile auto and equipment stabilization tools (blocks, chocks and pads) as well as interlocking modular tiles made from100% recycled plastic. Our commitment to environmental health and workplace safety has made us the preferred EHS solutions company of fire and rescue professionals and industrial and commercial users. Our products can be found as the ergonomic flooring solution on assembly and production lines, or as fire apparatus compartment lining.  Our blocks, chocks and pads are designed to keep engineers safe as they stabilize equipment or even spacecrafts with our cribbing!

We pride ourselves that for over forty years we continue to be a  sustainability leader in the recycled plastics marketplace. We have been manufacturing safety stabilization products from recycled plastic for over 40 years and even take products back at end of life for closed-loop recycling, reducing disposal and landfill costs and supporting zero waste policies. We provide tailored corporate programs for mid to larger companies who are seeking to get the “wood” out of their facilities.

We are helping save lives and the environment with our product designs and technology. Our feedstock of recycled plastic materials and our suppliers help us create lifesaving products that can withstand the test of time with predictable results. No second guessing.

All Turtle Plastic brand of products are proudly designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States. Unlike some foreign plastic manufacturing, our products are reliable and odor-free, including Turtle Tile, the original cushion tile.

The Superior Alternative to Wood

Tough, strong Turtle Plastics Dura CribDura Stat and Dura Blend Lumber brand of cribbing and blocking products are the cleaner, safer, ergonomic alternative to wood for stabilizing heavy equipment or vehicles in emergency and industrial settings, enabling a zero-wood workplace.

Our proven, tested plastic cribbing blocks protect firefighters, first responders, and maintenance team members from dangerous wood that can splinter or crack under a heavy load or become contaminated through absorption of biohazardous fluid, toxic chemicals, or oil.

Unlike wood, Turtle Plastics Dura CribDura Stat and Dura Blend Lumber  brand of products are:

  • Washable, splinter-free, creosote-free, and odor-free;
  • Engineered using a repeatable formula that ensures product consistency;
  • Because Dura Crib brand of products stabilize “active loads,” they are lab tested to provide predictability by identifying a Psi capacity and weight load limit of each product.

Working with Engineered Plastic

Turtle Plastics continues to strive to create healthier and safer workforce environments. We believe our Dura Crib and Dura Stat brand of products are the better alternative to the dangerous use of wood stabilization of equipment, material storage, or during rescue operations. We recommend appropriate training on our products and reading your equipment manuals to determine the correct Turtle Plastics products for your application.

Working with engineered plastic blocking or cribbing is different than working with other materials for blocking. For your own safety, avoid overloading blocking, understand how temperature can affect working load of engineered plastic, and avoid point source loading our products (i.e., the impact of bolts, sharp objects or uneven, off center loading); we offer protection pads in both HDPE and UHMW material to assist with some point load dissipation. Visit our resources page for Best Practices when working with our products. Please note the working load label on each Dura Crib product for optimal load rating.  If you lose a working load label from one of our products or require a Working Load Guide, please call us.

Engineered for Safety

All Turtle Plastics brand of products are designed from the start to ensure user safety and reduce injuries. For example:

  • Dura Crib
    Plastic cribbing blocks, chocks and pads interlock with each other utilizing the pyramid, peg or “Lincoln Log” design to create a safer cribbing stack to assist with harnessing of hazardous energy created during repairs of equipment.
  • Dura Crib
    Products have a lanyard to allow easier manual transportation of the products to reduce back and neck injuries.
  • Dura Crib
    Products are labeled with metal safety labels for psi and working load limits.
  • Dura Stat and Dura Blend Lumber
    Products for static load stabilization and storage solutions.  These products are the safe, clean solution for material storage, ramping, marine shoring, rail crossing, chocking, shoring, or safe passage over hoses.
  • Turtle Trax®
    We have a patented and unique product solution for the rail industry.  A temporary rail crossing component saves hours of maintenance time by allowing for safe passage of traffic during rail repairs.
  • Turtle Tile®
    Our tiles are formulated to create an anti-fatigue standing mat to reduce stress to hips, knees, back, and feet for employees who need to stand for long periods of time.
  • Turtle Tile®
    Our tiles carry a coefficient of friction that meets and exceeds the .5 COF helping to decrease slip, trip, and fall hazards.
  • Turtle Tile®
    Our tiles and ramps are available in high visibility colors helping to increase vision to reduce trip hazards and to mark delineation of work or cell stations, eye wash, or fire box areas.
  • Turtle Tile®
    We design several open grid style Turtle Tile® that allows for drainage of fluids, keeping surface and equipment areas dry.
  • Turtle Tile®
    Our tiles and ramps can be coated with grit or a rubberized coating to increase the coefficient of friction over 1.0 to significantly reduce trips and falls.
  • Turtle Tube – Gen 2 Grain Rescue Sleeve
    Our rescue device is the fastest deployment and most economical product in the market for grain entrapment rescue operations.

All our products are odor-free and do not produce any noxious odors. Unlike wood or rubber, Turtle Plastics products are washable and resistant to many chemical and bio-agent permeation, thereby reducing content transfer.  Ask and accept only genuine Turtle Plastics products!

Our products below:

Dura Crib™ Cribbing & Blocking
Interlocking plastic cribbing blocks, pads and stabilizing tools for safely working around and under all types of equipment. When active load bearing applications are needed, these products offer proper lock out tag out – the safer alternative to wood.
Dura Stat™ - Smooth Profile Products
Engineered and versatile, smooth surface composite products for static load bearing and single-layer stabilization applications or for indoor/outdoor material storage.
Fire & Rescue Kits
Dura Crib™ and Dura Stat™ brand of products are included in stabilization kits that are designed for task and space efficiency while promoting quicker, safer vehicle extrication or rescue equipment stabilization.
Industrial Blocking Kits
Dura Crib™ and Dura Stat™ brand of products have been assembled as convenient kist for maximum task requirements during repair and maintenance of heavy equipment, industrial vehicles, rail applications, and shop equipment.
Turtle Tile™ Flooring & Matting
Don’t be fooled by knock offs, this is the original cushion tile, made in the USA and odor-free. Ergonomic, anti-fatigue, washable and interlocking safety tile used for entranceways, commercial and industrial flooring, or compartment matting.
Turtle Tube®- Gen 2 Grain Bin Rescue Sleeve

Turtle Tube®- Gen 2 Grain Bin Rescue Sleeve

Improved design, patented grain rescue tube designed for quick deployment during horizontal entrapment situations at food processing plants, breweries, farms, elevators and grain transport vehicles.
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