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Leading the Way in Sustainable Environmental, Health & Safety Solutions

Turtle Plastics is the global leader in manufacturing innovative environmental, health and safety stabilization products made in the USA from recycled plastic. We are the only manufacturer of Dura Crib™, Dura Stat™, Dura Blend Lumber™, and Turtle Tile™ band of product lines. Don’t be fooled by others impersonating our great products. Always ask for genuine Turtle Plastics products when safety and reliability are required!

We create smart, life-saving safety solutions from recycled polymer technologies, specifically PVC, HDPE, and UHMW, used for rescue cribbing, auto extrication, first responder stabilization kits, material storage, industrial maintenance and repair, and walking and compartment surfaces.

Our versatile, interlocking plastic cribbing blocks are the safer, cleaner solution for stabilizing light, medium and heavy equipment and vehicles in emergency response and industrial maintenance and repair. All our products are proudly made in the USA.

Turtle Plastics products are used around the world in such industries as manufacturing, fire and safety, military, aerospace, mining, institutional, hospitality, transportation, heavy equipment, railroad maintenance, and agriculture.

We are proud to be a trusted safety resource for customers ranging from Fortune 500 vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturers to fire departments in large cities and small rural communities. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop solutions tailored to their challenges and safety needs.

Ergonomic Safety Tools that are Cleaner, Healthier, and Safer

Turtle Plastics products are designed for ergonomics and injury prevention in fire/rescue and industrial settings. Our products save lives, reduce injuries, and create a cleaner, healthier, safer work environment:

  • Dura Crib™ Cribbing & Blocking: Interlocking façade cribbing blocks, chocks and pads such as the Slab® and Slab Pad. This brand of products are designed as stabilizing “active loads” for safely working around and under equipment and proper lock out tag out of hazardous energy created by pneumatic or hydraulic tools or even the energy created by gravity when lifting – the safer alternative to wood.
  • Dura Stat™: Smooth profile products are desired for “static” loads and are not intended with any stacking/cribbing capabilities. Examples include the Turtle Trax®, portable rail crossings and the Turtle Tube Gen 2 Grain Rescue Sleeve®.
  • Dura Blend Lumber™ Engineered, smooth surface blocks used for single-layer applications -never use as cribbing any “active load” and are recommended only for indoor/outdoor material storage or holding up small items such as batteries off the floor. Our most popular product is the Frame Master- material storage solution.
  • Fire & Rescue Kits:  Engine kits with a variety of Dura Crib/Dura Stat brand of products are designed for task and space efficiency while promoting quicker, safer vehicle stabilizing during rescue and extrication.
  • Industrial Equipment Kits: Dura Crib/Dura Stat component kits are assembled for maximum task requirements during repair and maintenance of industrial vehicles and equipment. We even have Fleet Maintenance Kits for fire apparatus equipment.
  • Turtle Tile™ Flooring & Matting: Ergonomic, anti-fatigue safety mats for commercial, rescue, and industrial use; the original cushion tile, made in the USA and odor-free.

The Industry’s Strongest Warranties

Turtle Plastics products are guaranteed for complete satisfaction and have the longest, strongest warranties in the industry. Our products are fully warrantied against rotting, absorption, termites, and mold. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, our products are formulated with a reliable and repeatable formula that ensures quality.

Commitment to Sustainability

Since our company’s founding in 1980, Turtle Plastics has been deeply committed to environmental health and safety solutions that protect workers and support a sustainable environment.

Our corporate environmental philosophy extends to all company business practices. We utilize skylights to help illuminate our corporate headquarters. We subscribe to zero waste and zero wood policies in our own manufacturing and office facilities. We are proud to offer an end-of-life product buyback program to reduce disposal and landfill costs and support zero waste policies.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our U.S.-based client service team is trained to provide exceptional, friendly, and courteous service. Many Turtle Plastics team members have achieved OSHA 30 or higher certification. With in-depth knowledge of our products, they can help you find the right solution for your challenge.

Our team is happy to help provide on-site wood audits, best practices and complimentary product training.

Partnerships with Top Suppliers, Experts & Distributors

Our value chain includes well-respected plastic suppliers and partnerships, talented engineers and technicians, and a global network of diverse OEM and distribution partners.

Guided by an Expert Advisory Board

The Turtle Plastics Advisory Board on Thought Leadership includes customers, industry trainers, business owners, and skilled leaders within their own organizations and communities who provide advice and recommendations related to industry safety best practices, product innovation, marketing, and strategy. The Advisory Board also includes key Turtle Plastics team members.

Community Support & Leadership

In 2017, we established Our Turtle Plastics Foundation as a broad-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate, create, support, and promote educational, environmental, health, and safety initiatives worldwide. The Foundation accomplishes this mission through grants, donations, public awareness events, and other marketing efforts.

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