EHS Solutions for Firefighters and First Responders

The firefighters and first responders who run toward danger need to know the gear and equipment they use won’t let them down. More than that, they need the support and encouragement of the communities they protect. That’s one reason why Turtle Plastics has supported many nonprofit organizations whose mission is to educate and train fire firefighters and organizations either through equipment grants or educational grants. 

Ideal for firefighters and first responders 

Turtle Plastics’ manufactures products for the rescue industry via EHS solutions which are more ergonomic, cleaner, healthier, and safer than ever. We design and make versatile stabilization tools and interlocking modular tiles out of recycled plastic. Firefighters, first responders, and technicians know they can rely on our products to stabilize equipment in many scenarios including upended passenger vehicles with occupants still inside to spacecraft modules that are being assembled. 

For more than 40 years, we have manufactured sustainable safety products from recycled plastic. We’re so committed to our recycling philosophy we even take our products back at the end of the lifecycles for closed-loop recycling. That reduces disposal and landfill costs and supports zero-waste and circular economy policies.  


Our lab tested plastic cribbing blocks are an alternative stabilizing tool to wood blocks, which can splinter or crack under heavy loads or become contaminated through the absorption of biohazardous fluid, toxic chemicals, or oil.  

Replace wood with engineered plastics 

Turtle Plastics offers a variety of kits focused on comprehensive auto extrication. These products are washable, load-rated to take the guesswork out of cribbing, and ready for quick deployment. They can include hybrid cribs, super cribs, step chocks, lock blocks, wedges, and mod pads – everything rescuers might need to stabilize vehicles to extricate patients. Turtle Plastics also offers basic auto stabilization kits (BASK) and quick response kits targeted toward first responders like emergency medical services, and state and local police. They’re handy enough to fit into car trunks and rugged enough to save lives.     

Turtle Plastics supports firefighters and first responders – the men and women who put their lives on the line every day – through our foundation and by developing the tools and equipment these heroes need to save lives and come home safely at the end of the day.  

To find out more about Turtle Plastics, contact us today! 

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