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Auto Extrication Stabilization

Before rescue crews can safely remove a patient from a vehicle wreckage – and before they can employ pneumatic or hydraulic lifesaving tools to carefully pry the vehicle from around the occupant inside – they need to stabilize the vehicle. This requires “cribbing,” or the construction of a temporary structure
Company products are used for rescue cribbing, auto extrication, first responder stabilization tools.

1960 Fire Truck Makes the Perfect Gift for Founder of Turtle Plastics

Turtles Plastics®, known for its innovative life-saving recycled plastics stabilization products, surprised its Founder Tom Norton with a 1960s fire truck for his 87th birthday. The company bought the vehicle to support the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.    Lorain, Ohio – Turtle Plastics® may specialize in environmental, health and safety

Turtle Plastics participating in Caterpillar EHS Meeting

****Please stop by our table if you are participating in the Caterpillar EHS Dealer Meting starting May 8, 2023 in St. Augustine, Florida.  

Turtle Plastics and NAVRA Challenge Sponsor

****Turtle Plastics is a proud sponsor of two upcoming NAVRA challenge events. The first event is May 2-4, 2023 in conjunction with the Palm Beach State College Invitational, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth Campus, 4200 S Congress Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 3346. NAVRA will host rescue teams from all over

New Turtle Tube Gen 2 Patent

The Turtle Tube Gen 2- Grain Rescue Sleeve has received its second patent in March 2023. The improved product with interlocking designed tabs provides an emphasis on quicker deployment during an entrapment. In fact, just recently, thanks to Rockfield, Delphi, and Burrows Fire for the joint effort to rescue a

The World Rescue Organization and Turtle Plastics Partnership

(2023) The World Rescue Organization (WRO) and Turtle Plastics (TP) announce a new three-year global partnership to advance training and education of first responders and to support the development of enhanced post-crash rescue techniques.  The WRO represents rescue services around the world, working to improve standards and save lives by

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