Floor Safety Mats

Floor Safety Mats

Floor safety is an ongoing challenge for many industrial buildings and facilities with assembly lines or high-traffic pedestrian areas. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that slips and falls are the leading cause of worker compensation claims. They are also the leading cause of occupational injury among people aged 55 and older. 

No more slipping and sliding 

Floors exposed to the elements can become slippery with rain, snow, and ice, and those in industrial and manufacturing areas can become slick with lubricating fluids, coolants, and other chemicals. Consequently, employee and visitor slips and falls constitute a major liability for businesses, and other organizations, which puts a premium on safeguarding people as they work or visit. 

Turtle Plastics has a cost-effective solution to this potentially dangerous situation; one that can safeguard workers, visitors, and anyone else who is traversing on your floors. 

The solution to many of your safety concerns 

Our modular, interlocking 12”x12” tiles can protect against slips, trips, and falls. They are ideal for use in entrance lobbies, factories, assembly lines, food service areas, recreation centers, and on school tracks, or as compartment liners for fire, rescue, or utility trucks. They also work well in specialized situations, such as floor mats for eye-wash stations,  

Unlike many other non-slip solutions, our floor safety mats offer an ergonomic solution by providing material sutabille for workers on their feet all day, providing extra comfort and relief for tired feet and legs. As fatigue-fighting products, they keep workers off the hard, cold concrete floor and insulate them from the many jarring vibrations felt on factory floors.  

Your sustainable response 

Designed for sustainability, our tiles are made from high-quality 100% recycled industrial material under the Turtle Tile® brand. Constructed of recycled polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, they feature UV and anti-fungal additives to enhance their durability and are also resistant to most chemicals. Turtle Tiles® can be cleaned and decontaimined with any mild detergent, including dish detergent and water. 

The tiles are offered in solid styles, open grid styles, or with carpeted facades. Turtle Tiles® are available in five standard colors – black, red, yellow, light gray, and blue. Custom colors are available in orders of 1,080 or more, and tiles are also available with carpeted inserts and architecturally designed black, gray, or red facades.  

In addition, Turtle Plastics offers a “Buy Back” Program on the Turtle Tiles at the end of their lifecycle or if scrap is creating when cutting the tiles, offering a completely zero waste and closed loop environmental program. 

To learn more about Turtle Plastics floor safety mats, call (800) 756-6635 or contact us. 

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