Turtle Plastics Partners with Silo the Film

Turtle Plastics Partners with Silo the Film

Building Community and Raising Awareness of Grain Entrapment Through Art.

Turtle Plastics has been an active supporter and sponsor of the film SILO, which was released to rave reviews in late August 2019.  The feature film was produced to shed light on the impact, occurrence and gravitas of accidents involving grain entrapment and what preventative actions can be made to make these incidents a thing of the past. As part of their educational efforts the SILO team has partnered with other industry leaders such as the Grain Handling Safety Coalition, Sukup Manufacturing Company in an effort to raise awareness around the social impact of the film.

Host a Screening. Save a Life.

As part of the Silo team’s desire to foster community and inspire dialogue around farm safety, the SILO team has partnered with the Grain Handling Safety Coalition to create a thoughtful discussion guide to be used after watching the film.

The Grain Handling Safety Coalition is a fantastic organization and a true thought leader in agricultural safety. Therefore, they will be giving a portion of all Community Screening Campaign revenue to GHSC, so that they can continue to do their life-saving work.

Turtle Plastics will be hosting a community screening of the film at GEAPS Exchange in Minneapolis, MN on March 23, 2020.   If you are interested in sponsoring or hosting a community filming of the movie, please contact Silo the Film team at 855-600-SILO.

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