New Products for Your Safety Stabilization!

We have two new products!

Super Black Diamond Crib™ – Mfg. Part # HDC-24 (4”x4”x24”/Working Load – 40,823 kg/90,000 lbs. (pat. pending)

Super Black Diamond Crib XL™ – Mfg. Part # HDC-36 (4”x4”x36”) Working Load – 69,400 kg/153,000 lbs. (pat. pending)

Throw out those old 4”x4” pieces of lumber! We are pleased to introduce two new stabilization blocks from the Black Diamond Brand of Dura Crib™ blocks.
Versatile, these blocks are the perfect fit for both rescue and industrial applications. With a four-sided pyramid façade that interlock on all four sides with each other block. The smaller profile of 4”x4” to fit better into apparatus compartments and service trucks. These blocks carry significant load for their size. Patent pending technology has made these blocks truly innovative to provide a reliable formula of engineered recycled plastic so technicians can be assured of performance over wood cribbing. Made in the USA, can be decontimated with any agent on the EPA List-N, warrantied and backed by decades of our manufacturing expertise. It’s time to upgrade your old wood for a cleaner and more reliable stabilization block.

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