Heavy-Duty Matting

Turtle Plastics’ heavy-duty matting is designed to handle high-traffic areas, workspaces, and other busy places, especially when these spaces are exposed to industrial grit and grime, extreme weather conditions, or other liquids that could cause slips and falls. Heavy-duty matting is tough enough to allow you to sluice away mud, debris, and grime tracked in by users and can be easily dominated with approved agents on the EPA ListN.

These interlocking cushion tiles are easy on the feet but sturdy enough to stand up to dirt and other debris. Made from recycled plastic in the USA, they’re designed to resist long-term wear and tear. Heavy-duty matting and tiles are the ultimate choice for almost any severe service application. They’re designed to provide modular versatility and interlock with each other to prevent separation. They also feature matching or contrasting ramps for safe edging.

Our Turtle Tiles® have been the choice for industrial plant matting and as compartment matting in the fire/rescue industry for over forty years –Other typical applications include commercial kitchens, warehouses, store entrances, and medical facilities – any place that requires tough, durable flooring or workstation matting. Turtle Tiles are ergonomically designed for worker comfort and feature an open grid pattern that allows good drainage and air circulation, and they are resistant to many industrial chemicals. The raised open grid pattern also helps keep the operators’ feet away from spilled fluids or toxic leaks.

Turtle Plastics also offers the following choices of heavy-duty matting:

Solid Surface Tile. We offer a solid surface tile ideal for industrial floor mat applications. Easy to install, this ergonomically designed safety mat will support machine operators and others who stand for long periods.

Super Tile™. This specialty matting features a one-inch-thick modular open grid that’s perfect as an industrial floor mat. These mats are modular, interlockable, and can be grit coated to provide an extra level of protection against slips and falls.

Linear Look and GeoTile – Entranceway Matting. Aesthetically pleasing with all the durability you expect from Turtle Plastics heavy-duty tiles, these 12×12-inch carpeted Turtle Tiles work well for high-traffic areas exposed to the weather. Customizable in terms of color and carpet, they are easier to install and replace and more economical than rail and groove entrance systems. A non-carpeted version is also available.

ezMat™. An aftermarket compartment matting option for rescue vehicles, ezMat features Turtle Tiles that we cut to size. The mats are easy to remove and clean.

Personal Comfort Stations™: The solution to worker stress and fatigue at commercial and industrial plants, these mats offer ergonomic safety for operators who must deal with prolonged standing periods.

Track Mat™. Protect athletic track surfaces when teams must walk to the infield. Easy to install and remove, the Track Mat provides instant drainage and protection from cleats.

Ramps. Ramps offer enhanced safety from slipping, tripping, and falling hazards on inclined floor surfaces. Our ramps interlock with all Turtle Tiles variants.

Contact us to learn more about Turtle Plastics’ heavy-duty matting or call (800) 756-6635.


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