Step Chock Blocks for Vehicle Stabilization

Step Chock blocks are designed as a versatile vehicle stabilization tool for the fire and rescue industry. When an accident or collision occurs, the vehicle may be in an unstable position or even upside down. Additionally, our cog step chock offers a wedge and an incline to interlock together for maximum stability during extrication.

Recycling at its best

Turtle Plastics knows how much fire and rescue crews depend on step chock blocks to stabilize vehicles in accidents. Our Dura Crib™ brand products are recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) composite plastic blocks, step chocks, and cribbing pads.

Designed with interlocking facades, our Dura Crib™ brand products are load-rated to allow for “cribbing” (constructing temporary structures to hold heavy loads such as an overturned vehicle) during rescue maneuvers.

We lab-test our Dura Crib™ interlocking plastic cribbing blocks, step chock blocks, and pads, and each block and chock carries a Turtle Plastics product identification label that displays its working load to help technicians understand whether the load ratings are suitable for their applications.

A world leader in safety innovation

Turtle Plastics is a world leader in the design and production of innovative safety stabilization products and interlocking tiles. Our products, tailored to light, medium, and heavy-duty applications, are made in the USA using recycled plastic, reflecting the sustainability principles of the circular economy. In fact, our company was founded in 1980 on the principles of environmental sustainability and safety.

Our corporate environmental philosophy drives all business practices and product development actions, including guaranteed performance and product buy-back at its end of life. Available for more than 40 years, the products Turtle Plastics offers are trusted by rescue professionals and industrial managers alike.

To further explore Turtle Plastics’ step chock blocks for vehicle stabilization, Contact us or call us at (800) 756-6635.



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