Contrast Matting


Before Contrast Matting


Tiles create a clear pathway with contrasting matting.

Tiles feel different, so you know where you are.

Pathway is sacred space; no obstacles are put in the way.

Made in the U.S.A.

Simple Interlocking Tiles: Light or Dark Colors

Home  ‑  Office

Assisted Living  ‑  Rehabilitation Centers

Schools  ‑  Community Centers

With Contrast Matting

Simple Interlocking Tiles: Light or Dark Colors and 2 1/2″ or 6″ ramps to help with floor transition.

“Finding my way around the house was a daily challenge as my sight declined. Early on, however, I discovered the helpful tool of color contrast. Using recycled materials, I developed color contrasting pathways with safety ramps to help navigate my way throughout the house, without assistance.”

How does Contrast Matting work?

Please take a moment to watch our video and learn how Contrast Matting works and how it can improve navigating through daily life.


Who Does This Help?

Low vision is uncorrectable vision loss that interferes with daily activities. It is better defined in terms of function, rather than numerical test results. In other words, low vision is “not enough vision to do whatever it is you need to do,” which can vary from person to person.

People with low vision or legally blind in many cases are able to see contrasting colors or light an dark areas. With our contrast matting they are now able to have a safe place to walk with an unobstructed path wherever it is needed.

Help! How Do I Get Started?

Contact us to help you develop a plan for implementing contrast matting in your home or office environment.

Contact Us

Tom Norton

Tom Norton

I am Tom Norton founder of Seize The Day Innovations, Turtle Plastics, Cleveland Reclaim Industries, and The Magnificent Machinery Company. Through my experience of having 20/400 vision and being legally blind I was finding it difficult to navigate through my home and that’s when the idea for “Contrast Matting” struck me. I took a product that Turtle Plastics was already making out of recycled plastics and put together a walkway in my home using high contrast interlocking Turtle Tiles. The result was more than I expected and now I am able to move about my place without any assistance. I decided that my “Contrast Matting” needed to be available to the rest of the world and started Seize The Day Innovations. Carpe diem…

“If we create a market for recycled plastics, in the form of products, then the rest of the issues, such as collection and processing will take care of themselves.”

Contrast Matting

What Our Customers Say

“I’m very pleased with my purchase, the matting has made a huge impact on my father’s life. He is able to navigate through his shop with ease now.”

Thank you, Brett G.

Contents & Price

Each “Mat in a Box” contains thirty, 12″x12″ easy to connect tiles and 34 safety side ramps you will have extra safety ramps with the 3′ x 10′ option. This is enough to create a 3’ x 10’ or 2′ x 15′ pathway, when assembled. The tiles are constructed of durable and washable 3/4 inch thick plastic.

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